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Lawn Fertilization Idaho Falls

Yard Master Services offers leading solutions and products for your lawn care needs. One of our most popular services is our hybrid lawn fertilizer, Idaho Falls residence love. Our hybrid solution is a half synthetic, half organic mixture that delivers fast results, with less chemicals. Helping your lawn retain more water, strengthening the root systems, and preventing the growth of weeds are a few of the many benefits to fertilizing your lawn. As a commercial grade solution, this fertilizer is not sold in stores. 


Application takes as little as 15 minutes for the standard 1/2 acre lot, and only 45 minutes to an hour on the larger, more spacious properties. Weeds begin to die within 48 hours, and a beautiful green, healthy lawn results in only 4-5 days, making this the fastest most efficient lawn fertilizer Idaho Falls has to offer. We recommend applying lawn fertilizer 4-5 times per year to allow the full benefits of the service. 


Preparation for our services is simple. All we require of you is your lawn clean and clear of any toys or other household items. After application, we recommend not mowing or watering for 24-48 hours, to allow our fertilizing solution to run its course. Allow the solution to dry for 45 minutes to an hour before walking on or using the lawn. 

Becoming proactive about your lawn health is key, and starting our recommended application program will allow you to receive the fullest benefits of the best lawn fertilization in Idaho Falls.