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Lawn Grub Treatment Logan Utah

If your lawn is suffering from dry, yellow, or dead patches of grass that doesn't seem to get better with watering or other standard maintanance, there may be a larger underlying issue. Lawn grubs and sod web-worms are a devistating threat to your yard and landscape. These pests eat through the root system of your lawn, and kill your grass from the bottom up. Attracted to warmer temperatures, the damages of these pests are typically in open areas, where shade does not reach, often confusing owners with a dry lawn. Having years of experience in lawn grub treatment, Logan professionals from Yard Master Services are happy to assit you in identifying your lawn care troubles. 

How can I know?

One of the easiest ways to identify a lawn grub problem is to cut out a 1x1 foot area where the lawn is suffering and peel up the sod. If you can see 5-10 grubs or sod webworms, contact us immediately to prevent further damage.

Preventative Measures

With any area of your lawn care, preventative action is the key to avoiding these detrimental pests. It only takes 1 application of preventative treatment per year, giving you 90 to 100 days of protection. We recommend applying our lawn grub treatment in the spring to give you the best results throughout the year. Application takes only 20-30 minutes, and is safe to walk on once dried. 

As the leading specialist of lawn grub treatment Logan has to offer, it is no wonder why Yard Master Services is the number one choice for lawn care.