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Tree and Shrub Spraying Idaho Falls

If your landscape is suffering with wilted or dying shrubs and trees, our hybrid tree and shrub spraying solution is right for you. Made up of a half synthetic, half organic mixture, our solution helps treat the issues from the inside out. Containing an insecticide that is safe for your plants, our solution will help protect your trees and shrubs from obnoxious and harmful pests and bugs. As a commercial grade product, our solution is not sold in stores. 

Why Yard Master?

As a leading provider of tree and shrub spraying in Idaho Falls, we have the knowledge and experience needed to get you back on track to the landscape of your dreams. Our application is quick and effective, and results are seen within a few days of treatment. 


Recommended application is every spring and fall to ensure a regularly maintained system, that delivers the greatest results. Procrastination is on of the leading killers to your trees and shrubs, so don't wait any longer to recieve the best tree and shrub spraying Idaho Falls has to offer.