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Weed Spraying Idaho Falls

There are few things more obnoxious than weeds taking over your lawn. Fortunately for you, Yard Master Services offers leading solutions for weed spraying, Idaho Falls residence have come to love. Our weed spraying solution is an herbicide which controls annual and perennial weeds. The solution is designed to kill the weeds from the top down so visible effects are seen in only 24-48 hours. Our recommendation is to let the chemicals run their course, as they often are still killing the roots even though the weed looks completely dead from above. This being the case, do not dig up or pull the weed.


Our herbicide is a broadleaf weed killer, so it will not affect your grass and lawn. Application of our herbicide can take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour, depending on how extreme the problem. Once applied, results are  seen in as little as 24 hours, and weeds are typically completely dead in 3-5 days. After application, stay off the lawn or sprayed area until it is dry. As with all of our products, this solution is commercial grade, and cannot be bought in stores.

Specific Lawns

For lawns that have been recently planted, including seed and hydroseed, allow a strong growth to take place before contacting us. Your lawn should be ready for application once you have been able to mow 2-3 times.

For lawns that need a full overhaul, re-planting can take place in only 5 days after the weed removal process. With solutions this beneficial, it is no wonder why Yard Master Services is the leading provider for weed spraying in Idaho Falls.